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Firewall grommet change in the 2024 LT Trail Boss for Power Wire.


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Nov 28, 2023
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So I figured I would post about it since I spent much of yesterday looking for historical posts for adding power to an amplifier through the passenger side firewall. However, while I found a plethora of things for 19-23 models, nothing on the 2024s. I just came here to say that if you get a 2024, there are some things that weren’t reflected in the latest model (or at least mine). There is no longer a nipple hanging off the grommet to snip off and run power wire into the cabin. Instead, on the passenger side grommet, if you look at the bottom of the white retainer piece, there is a hole. On the interior of the vehicle, there is a thin rubber sleeve whose end leads up to that hole. My assumption is that is where the wire would need to pass through. But after completely wrecking my hands, I figured I’d also provide some advice. Instead of contorting your body and blindly feeling around with the limited clearance, just remove the multifunction power supply converter box. It is located near the kick panel under the dash. It is held together within a black housing. It can be removed by using your hand or small screw driver to lift the tabs in the front. To make it easier, also use the screw driver to pop the tab in the back. After that, remove the converter box carefully and push it over to the right. The housing is held in by (2) 10mm nuts. Once you remove the box, you will have significantly easier access to the grommet. Now if you are more patient than I am, you can try and drill through that sleeve, but the sleeve is very thing and very easy to get tangled in your drill bit. I just snipped the sleeve off. Instead of a drill bit, I used a 3/8” spade bit CAREFULLY create a hole to the other side as the rubber is very very dense. The hole is positioned in a way that you should not risk hitting the main wire harness, but again, proceed carefully. Once I did this, I was able to route the wire significantly easier into the engine bay. I didn’t even to fish anything with a coat hanger or fish tape. Just some dish soap to lube the end of the power wire to go through the grommet. Putting the converter box back in was easy as well. It took my effort to remove it than to put the housing back, slip the box in, and snap the cover in place. I was able to do this with just a flash light in my garage. If you want the most ease of access, you can remove the cloth wheel well liner and turn the wheels to the right. You should have good sight line to the hole below the grommet as well. Either way, just wanted to share my findings in hopes to help someone else.

TL;DR: the nipple on the grommet is gone in 2024. Instead use the hole below the harness. Remove converter box for best access in the cabin.
thanks for posting this it helped me a lot. I figured I’d throw some pics up to help show what you’re explaining. I removed my battery because I have the diesel and it helped me to have the space I needed to get the fish wire through.


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