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First time GM buyer from GA


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Dec 12, 2023
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Cumming, GA
Howdy from GA! Have been a Ford guy all my life. Multiple Broncos (72,74,76, and 3 different 95’s), F150’s, and Excursions…still have a 95 Bronco 5 speed manual (currently fitting a 5.3 LS in it😬) and my 2005 V10 4x4 EB Excursion. My last truck was a 2018 F150 King Ranch with the 3.0 baby power stroke. Loved the truck, but had tons of issues…in the shop over 16 weeks in 2 years with multiple issues. Ford was awful and wouldn’t help the dealers or me. So, I sold it last year with 52k miles and have been driving my Excursion around. Own my own business building robotic laser marking systems and needed a new vehicle to pull an enclosed trailer with a demo machine. Going to be zig zagging the country next year. Looked at everything but Ford and bought a 24 Trailboss LT 3.0 last Saturday. Loving it so far, in 350 miles since driving it off the lot I’m averaging 24mpg (not towing yet, demo machine won’t be done for a few months). Definitely much better than the Ford baby diesel…probably the transmission pairing that GM has done and the in-line 6 vs the Ford V6. Although not as fancy as the King Ranch interior, I think GM did pretty good on the refresh and I’m happy with the LT trim. Keeping my fingers crossed that this truck turns me into a rest of my life long Chevy guy.

Added the high clearance GM steps I found on FB Marketplace today. Might switch to Amp steps at some point, had them on my last F150 and my Excursion and I love them. But, the GM steps were new take offs and a steal at $400…plus about a 20 minute install and they do the job. Also ordering a Diamondback HD bedcover tomorrow. The bed will be used as a trunk, so I want it safe and dry. Had the Bak MX4 on my last truck…it leaked and some knucklehead was able to jimmy it open and steal my stuff.

Getting some more road worthy rubber on it Friday and will have the Duratrac 265/60r20’s up for sale if anyone wants them. Will have mayb 500 miles on them by Friday.

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