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First tow with the TB


Feb 5, 2022
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Port Saint Lucie
Today I decided to weigh The truck trailer combo and take it for its first, although fairly short, towing job. The 6.2 did very well, the wind was crazy and the front a bit light, making it a bit sketchy. Like I said the nose is a bit light, but I have plenty of adjustment available.


Nice, I highly recommend timbrens for towing heavy loads over longer distances. They reduce the squat when loaded and makes towing feel more connected and less bounce from my experience.


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I thought about buying something like these or Sumo Springs. Never needed them on my F250 and wasn’t sure on this truck, but after yesterday I think they will be a good investment.
Is that the regular loaded weight with all your stuff inside and the water tank full?
We don’t really boondock, so I only travel with a small amount of water in the tank, like 20 gallons (which is 165lbs ish. So I didn’t bother to fill it. Mostly everything else was in the camper. I would also have the generator which is 100 lbs in the truck. The only other thing the gas tank on the truck was only 1/2 full, so I figured 15 gallons of gas @ 6 lbs/gal. So all in all I added 165 lbs to the camper weight, and 200 lbs to the truck weight.
I tow a very similar TT, a 30 footer. I had air bags on my previous tow vehicle, a Chevy Avalanche 1500, they made a huge difference. I think I am going to put them on the TB for safety sake. In the meantime I found out how critical my load placement in the trailer is. Shifting just 200 pounds around inside the trailer can make big improvements with the squat.

I’ve thought about airbags as well.
My previous set were made by Firestone. They came with an underhood compressor controlled from the cab so I only had them fully pressurized when under load. The rest of the time I got to keep normal ride. Very nice.


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