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Fitting in Garage


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Jun 11, 2022
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Ft. Worth, Texas
What’s up guys first post here I have a 2021 cc trail boss with the short box my home is being built I measured my garage and from the wall to the pad is 234 inches and the height 84in I looked up the specs and the measurements say it will, but do any of you guys actually park in your garages with similar measurements?

Thanks in advance!
If the height of your garage door opening is 84in, you wont have any problem getting a stock TB into your garage. But that also depends on the type of door lift you’ll be installing.
My TB is about 4in higher than stock and the highest point is about 80in. I cant fit into my garage because my door opener is about 76in at its lowest point.
Short bed TB is about 232in so you’re pretty tight there depending on where exactly the garage door sits.
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Just not an option for me. Our garage is a workshop. I built a "horse barn" for my wife when she bought a brand new 2014 5L Mustang GT/CS.

For my Trail Boss, I use a really large car cover made for this model vehicle. It's like trying to dress a whale.

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I have a 14'x14' garage door and a 24'x60' barn so it fits. The problem is cramming all my other vehicles in there and it barely fits when I'm 2 1/2 vehicles deep plus about 16' of car parts LOL.
Lol ya man it sucks the better half fell in love with the place. I like to keep the truck pretty clean plus we have been getting some pretty bad storms so it would be nice but I guess we’ll see

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