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Floor Mats and Seat Covers

Chuck L.

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Jan 16, 2024
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What brand does everyone prefer on floor mats? Weather tech or husky or another brand? Any opinions on Cover's and Camo seat cover's? Recommendations on another brand? Thanks
I also like the factory floor covers. I have had weathertechs in the past as well as in all of my wife’s vehicles and have had good luck with them.
I love the factory/accessory full floor covers. Cover better and are better material than both Weathertech and Husky.
Do you know the web address? I can't find anything on what you recommended?
I had an extra set I just sold a couple weeks ago locally. I still have another set of Z71 fronts, but they'd be expensive and a pain to ship from Michigan. There are 3 versions. Gray Chevrolet, gray Z71 and a chrome badge Z71. I thought the Trail Boss came with the chrome badge Z71 mats per the Chevy site. It showed up with the Chevy ones as that is what the dealer had in stock. Apparently they ship separately from the truck. They got a set of Z71s in but they were the gray badge and not chrome like had been shown on the build and price website. I found a set on ebay and bought them because those were what I really wanted.
Go on Facebook marketplace and find the OE GM floor liners from someone in your area so you don't have to pay for shipping (they're huge). There are like a billion of them out there because they were standard on all Z71's (and maybe others too).

But yeah, I agree, the OE ones are hard to beat.
I've used Sportsman camo seat covers on the last 4 trucks I've owned. They've held to my hunting trips, a travel softball kid, and a 100lb Lab. These covers fit to the exact seat size and contours of your truck

I normally get WeatherTech floor liners, but the floor liners my Trail Boss LT came with from the factory were just as good, if not better. I've had WeatherTech in my last several vehicles, and will probably buy them in the future, but I won't be getting them for this truck.

I don't have, nor ever used, seat covers, so I'll stay out of that part of the convo.
Cover king has some nice seat covers. They are a bit pricey but they fit clean up great and last. I had them on my 2011 for a few years. I need to get a set for the Boss

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