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Frame coating..


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Nov 2, 2021
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Meridian Texas
Any thoughts on the crappy frame coating that GM is so proud of? Maintenance? Repair/replace? Man, that shit is nasty..
All I know is that I get pissed off anytime I rub my forearm against it while under there changing the oil lol. It does NOT clean up easily. But I suppose that's good considering it is constantly exposed to the elements under there.
After having two Chevy vehicles that I owned since new that I had to replace due to rust, I also was concerned about rust proofing my new 2022 TB. Unfortunately anything that you do will void the manufacturer’s warranty. And by the time the warranty runs out it maybe too late. I have only read here once of an owner being offered rust proofing though a dealership. Not sure how that could work with the warranty ?
My dealer warned me that doing my own rust proofing could void the rust warranty. I'm assuming this would be the thick black old style undercoating and not the newer wax style coatings.
I don’t think it matters what type of undercoating it is, it would still void the warranty. Problem is by the time the warranty runs out, rust has probably already started.

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