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Free oil change?

I got one on my 22 gas TB. Not sure if it was a dealer or GM thing but I believe any Chevy vehicle gets a free one in 1st year or 12000 miles
I know on gas trucks it's included. If you look at fleet trucks there is a $50 credit for no oil change. It's not technically "free" it's just built into the cost of the vehicle. Look at your sticker under the "Owner Benefits" section, "First maintenance visit"
Not a huge incentive to buy a $60K truck and get a $50 oil change😝
I got one free from GM (had to be used in the first year) and one from the dealer.
I didn't use mine because I bought an S10 Xtreme back in 2000 from the same dealer and got the first oil change free and when I changed it myself the next time I found they used the 4 cylinder oil filter instead of the 6 cylinder oil filter. I'd rather do it myself and KNOW what I've put on/in it. I also changed my oil the first time at 1028 miles.
My first service was free, They even filled my Def fluid and washed my truck by hand. I have just over 20k and have had 5 oil changes done and 1 fuel filter. The other 4 service's at my dealer was under $100. Give them a call it wont hurt to ask...

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