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Front Passenger Door Noise


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Dec 16, 2020
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Does anyone else have a front passenger door noise? Can't really call it a rattle but almost a squeak. Happens when I hit a pretty good bump but not always. Damn thing is driving me nuts! I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Well I see you don't have an answer to your question asked nearly a year ago. Well, I don't have one for you, but what I do have is similar to yours in that when I hit a relatively high speed in combination with wind, there is whistling/howling sound. It sounds like the wind if hitting some small pocket near the meeting point of the upper front windshield and upper front passenger door. Very odd & does aggrevate me, but its only when the wind is blowing and I'm running average highway speeds.

My hopes is that you finally found an answer, probably elsewhere other than this forum, and could update me on that find.


Well about 2 weeks ago I set out to find it. When I got into the passenger seat and listened, it was more like coming from the dash. So I tore into it. Disassembling the dash looking for this squeak! got to a point where I need to pop off the trim at the bottom of the console on the passenger side. Just happened to bump it and heard the dreaded noise! In the front corner there is a clip. Popped that back in and put my dash back together and I like my truck again! Thanks for your interest and hope you find yours!
Just out of curiosity, do you mind sending a photo of where this clip is? I'm not asking you to remove the dash again, but even a picture of the general area would be great!
Sorry, just saw this. There is a clip at the very front of this that was not pushed in and it was causing the squeak that drove me nuts for a long time! Sounded like it was coming from behind the upper glove box


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