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Getting ready to have a BDS 4 inch lift installed..


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Jun 6, 2022
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Saratoga springs NY
I have been do lots of mods to my 2020 TB.. I waited to get it paid off before I started making it into my own style truck.. Just bought some Fuel Contra 18x9-12 Offset wheels and 35-12.50 Ko2 tires.. Now I’m getting ready to have a BDS coil over 4 inch lift installed, which should = around 6 inches of lift.. I will post pictures when finished and all the other mods are already have done and plan on doing before fall time..


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You will love the BDS lift. It is a true 6" lift. I had the traction bars installed at the same time. Look at them.
You will love the BDS lift. It is a true 6" lift. I had the traction bars installed at the same time. Look at them.
Funny you say that, I was just thinking about adding the traction bars..Do you honestly think I should go the coil over? Or is that overkill in your opinion… My last 2 trucks have had BDS lifts, always went with the basic BDS kit which was still awesome, just don’t want to spend the extra money on the coil overs unless they are definitely a better way to go.. Adding front and rear bumpers and lots of off road lights.. I think it’s going to look great when completed.. Thanks for any advice.. This is my FIRST Chevy truck I have ever owned.. I have had 4 Tundras before this.. Loving this Chevy..
The coil overs is a tough one. I will probably upgrade all four down the road with reservoirs when they need replacing. If you decide to put the traction bars on and if you do it yourself get extra bits. The off-road service center I had do the whole lift said that putting on the traction bars required a lot of drilling and time. Didn't charge me for the extra time or drill bits. Felt bad but I already was in for $6K. I like the fact the traction bars are adjustable. Big difference hauling a trailer and off the line!
I just received my BDS 6” kit. I did get the 2.5” Fox coil overs. Bought 18x9.5 Black Rhino Arsenal wheels with -18 offset (should be here on Tuesday). I have a set of Goodyear Duratrac 285/75/18 tires ready to go on as well. Plan on installing next Saturday. Can’t wait to install all of it. I am a bit nervous to cut a truck with only 9k on the clock, but it’s got to be done :).
It’s worth it!!! I got the same exact lift setup, I have Fuel 18x9 contra rims with-12 offset.. Went with 35x12.5 tires.. I’m thinking of putting Some 37 X13.5 Cooper Discover STT pro tires on it now.. Best of luck my friend..
Did you install yourself? I’I’m going to install mine with some assistance from a couple of friends.
I had an off-road shop do mine as well. That way the work is guaranteed as well. Biggest thing is the four wheel alignment once installed.

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