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Google Enabled Head Unit Causing Echo When Using Android Auto


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Mar 8, 2023
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Missoula, MT
Picked up a 2023 TB last week and incredibly frustrated by this random issues. When using wireless Android auto, callers complain their own voice is echoing back at them.

If I forget the phone and reconnect it without enabling AA, the echo goes away.

Problem is, I much prefer the Android Auto platform to the Google Enabled stuff on My link (especially that I don't have to pay extra for them.)

Has anyone else had this problem or found a workaround? Can I simply disable all Google related functions from the head unit itself and make it entirely dependent on Android Auto?
Dude, I had so many freaking issues with Android auto connecting to my 2021 TB I went and bought an iPhone last week. For months I’ve been complaining to Google/Android auto. They had me put my phone in developer mode and send them bug reports. Nothing. All of a sudden I stopped getting notification chimes when I received a text. My work communicates with me via text and often alters my work location while I’m in route. I ended up driving all the way to one part of the city before noticing I was being diverted by my boss one too many times. My Google phone is dual band and I can program it to use a specific phone number for each contact. For example I don’t know you so I’d give you my business line. When not hooked to AA, the phone would follow my protocol to use my business line to call you. Not with AA. A message would pop up on my screen in the truck for every call and every text asking me which line I wanted to use. And the number of times AA dropped connection with my truck was rediculous. I got the iPhone and all these issues went away. I swore I’d never have an Apple product as I like my privacy but i was absolutely losing my sanity. It’s not your truck. It’s AA.

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