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Got a Little Muddy


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Feb 15, 2023
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Its been a few months since the truck got some mud action, but it sure got some Saturday. A call went out for a vehicle that was stuck relatively close to me, so I drove out to the location thinking I might could yank them out, or winch them out if all else failed. By the time I got there, 4 other vehicles were stuck trying to get them out and I wasn't able to get close enough to them to use the kinetic rope, or winch. Some big rigs with 40"+ tires came through and rutted it so deep that my 33's just couldn't handle it, and I'm willing to admit when my truck is under-gunned for the task. Just getting to the point where I took the picture was a muddy mess of a train wreck. We had two HARD days of rain, so I have no clue why a 2WD vehicle thought it would be a good idea to go back there.



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How do you like the Soft Topper? I've been on the fence for awhile
I've had it for 4 years now, and it has done exactly what I intended it to do, and then some. Even through multiple tropical storms, it experienced no rips or leaks, and has held up remarkably well, actually much better than I ever though it would. Although it has spent all 4 years outside in Texas heat (100 degree days for a month+ at a time), never parked indoors, the material and threads still look to be in fantastic condition. As far as durability and weatherproofing is concerned, it is TOP NOTCH. The main reason I went with the softopper over a hard top was because I need a foldable/removable top in order to be able to use the bed of my truck for dirt bikes, dirt loads, etc. The softopper folds down in 30 seconds, or can be EASILY removed and reinstalled by a single person in a 2 minutes. Its light, easily removable, and much more durable than I anticipated. If you ever forsee yourself having to load large items into your truck such as rocks, dirt, dirt bikes, etc., then I would strongly encourage you to look at the softopper, bestopper, or something of similar make/design.

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