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Heated seats and steering wheel ?


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May 20, 2022
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Newton, NC
With the chip shortage, my Trailboss doesn't have the heated seats and steering wheel. The salesman said that they would call me when they come in and said it would sorta be like a recall and they would install it then. Has anyone had theirs put in by the dealership? Thanks in advance!
If I had to guess it’s already there…just needing the chip to make it all work. Do you have the switches in place but they just don’t function, or are the spaces blank at the moment?
I don't know, but I was just wanting to know if anyone has been contacted about bringing their truck in for the chips.
Got mine in April. Wish they would have used the chip for the DFM or Auto Stop for my heated Seats.

My heated steering wheel works.
I picked mine up 2 weeks ago, it was built in July, the heated steering wheel and seats both already had chips and work better than fine, it was barely 60 degrees in the morning and both turned on automatically when I started the truck. The only chips mine is missing are the front and rear sensors, salesman said each sensor requires a chip and then another chip to control all of them. So for mine I that is all I am waiting on for my truck to be complete.

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