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Heated Seats


Aug 3, 2022
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Howard city Michigan
It will be One year to date Friday 1/13/ 2023 since I purchased my 2022 TL LTD. And finely I am going to get my heated seat chip installed(y). Heated steering wheel still waiting on GM.
No Button on the steering wheel. Dealer salesman told me that it would be added latter. My window sticker shows. ( Credit- Not equipped W/ Heated Steering Wheel ; Includes Later Retrofit)
My chips for the heated seats are going to be installed next week 😁. I like my heated seats .
I need to look at my window sticker, really wish I could have a future heated steering wheel.
My heated seats chip gets installed in a couple weeks.
I got my heated seat chip installed today. It only took them one year and a day. Bought TB on 1/12/2022. Install only took maybe an hour. Sales person told me that the steering wheel might be replaced for the heated wheel. I don't have the button in the wheel. He doesn't have a date from GM yet.
It seems like it might be a quick plug in module under each seat then a reprogram to tell the truck that the seats are now active.
Does anyone have complaints that the heated seats aren't getting THAT warm compared to other chevy models? My 17 zl1 camaros seats get much warmer... both heated steering wheels match intensity though.
I was in 20 degree temps last weekend and the leather seats ( and wheel ) got plenty warm in less than 2 minutes👍
My cloth heated seats get pretty warm - not as warm as my '07 or '16 did. Man that '07 you could fry eggs on the leather seats they got so hot!! The '21 gets hot enough that I have to shut them off after a while.
Got my heated seats installed last week, not quite a year at 10 months. Still waiting for heated steering wheel and front/rear park assist.

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