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Howdy Y'all! (2024 Trail Boss LT 3.0)


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Dec 28, 2023
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San Clemente

I used to be a part of various automotive forums and it occurred to me I haven't been a part of any in awhile.

The Truck: 2024 Silverado Trail Boss LT 3.0 - not a whole lot special, intent is to be able to tow a fifth wheel and to be capable enough offroad. Didn't count on the comforts and conveniences :D

Packages/options (off top of my head, I have a big sheet with all the info in the glove box still):

Leather (Gideon dark)
Dont recall if the other features are from one of those packages, lol. Will add photo of sheet when i pick up or go by truck

i ordered it specifically for towing and offroad, so didnt get steps, tool chest, multi flex tailgate, etc. However i am on the fence if i shouldve gotten the protection package. I didnt because i like the blue, in general take care of my stuff, and it would just be for the bedliner, which ive done myself so would cost far less.

I have many plans for it 😈








Dont have many pics of the inside, but that is a screenshot from a video i took of how dusty it was, lol - this was after i drove all day, all windows open, including the couple hrs ~90-98mph heading home from where i wound up. I had kept the interior clean the whole trip, then realized it just wouldnt be fully broken in if i didnt hit one of the trails all in, windows open, music cranked, etc 🤣 cleaned her up purty and gonna go back (this time with all the necessary gopro mounts and clips and stuff) as soon as i get my truck back

Ordered in March, got it 10/27, someone hit the mirror that night.

After 2 weeks at the dealership I got it back (wrong color mirror somehow, but told them i'd come back when they had the right one) and promptly went on a camping trip in the sierras. Went alright, but I didn't realize they do controlled burns outside the parks, so arrived to chars and ash x.x Did some fun exploring, camped a little still, etc.

Following weekend I broke 'er in offroad in the Anza Borrego desert (and accidentally went up a really poorly developed road they call 'Diablo Drop Off')

Now (about 5000 miles later) she has the correct mirror but I've just dropped her off for the touch up paint from the mirror chipping it and them faintly side swiping it :,(

The Driver: Adrian Charbonneau, born on a ranch in Kansas, learned to write code for families sign company around 15. Have since lived in the midwest, to the SF Bay area, to Atlantic Beach, FL, and back to Cali. Meandered about a little until I happened across San Clemente. Was passing through and just kinda never decided to leave :D




These days I am a System Engineer and Personal Trainer (NESTA), with an interest/obsession with learning and sharing what I do :)

Definitely down for meet ups, camping/hiking/trail running/hunting. Car person before anything else, I appreciate well made engines, be they gas or diesel, import or domestic, straight 6 or v8, etc. and see things as more just pros, cons, qualities, and traits.

Currently looking at fifth wheels, though I plan to keep my apt in SC and just spend a few weeks/month traveling, then back, etc. (long term plan has always been to eventually get land and live in the fifth wheel while building house)

Always more than happy to help how I can, just ask :)

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