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Hyper flashing


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Nov 22, 2023
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Richmond VA
I've got a 2022 trail boss with 5.3- and recently purchased ANZO led taillights. I've installed them and I like them, but they hyperflash while using turn signals and send a code to check taillights. Hazard lights work properly (No hyper flash)
I've ordered a replacement but problem still persists.
Is this common? Are there other LED lights that will work for front and rear?
I've de-badged, installed black lug nuts, and I'm looking to keep the tinted LED if possible.
I remember when I installed LED tail lights on my old Suburban I needed to splice in a resistor so they didn't hyperflash.
I know Anzo sells 2 different sets for the TB. One for the LED tail light equipped TB (LT) and one for the non LED
equipped. (custom). They use different resistors. Contact Anzo. They can probably help you out(y).
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Are they for OEM LED tail light replacements? Regular Silverados have halogen bulbs and have resistors in the aftermarket lights so they don't hyper flash. Make sure they are also installed in the correct polarity.
I've been using Lasfit LED bulbs in my front turn signals for a few years now. No issues.

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