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Installed RC led lights in the grill..


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Jun 6, 2022
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Saratoga springs NY
Pretty simple install, just take your time on cutting out the grill to fit the lights in.. Had to also do some sanding with my dremel, turned out really well..I cut the wire harness up and actually ran the hot wire to the Highbeam using an add a fuse, lights now come on when high beams are being used, also wired my fog lights to stay on during high beams..Ran the negative wire to a frame bolt.. I will be hooking up the ditch lights, 4 new fog lights and 50 inch light bar in my aftermarket bumper..into an 8 switch panel I just got today.. The behind the grill amber lights are taped in the ACC fuse and the negative is ran to battery at this time.. Any questions about wiring up any kind of lights just ask questions, I’m pretty confident in playing with electricity.. 26 years in the military made me a well rounded person who can figure out how to just about anything.. I’m going with KC ditch lights and Baja lights in the 4 cutout space.. Still trying to decide on what 50 inch led light design I’m going to be running.. More pictures to come as the build comes along.. Long way to go while waiting on my 23 ZR2 .. I might build this so well I will cancel my order 😂😂😂..


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couple questions...

there is a fusible link to your factory headlights ? no issues running all your lights for a few minutes at a time ?

do those grill style LED lights project down the hwy or more around the front of the truck up to ? 100 feet ?

my dilemma is I'd like to add a push guard and mount more of a traditional style pair of lights that will light up the hwy a half mile of more ? on a separate circuit ..... the problem is I have front parking sensors and they would get bugger'd up with the push guard...
I hooked mine up directly to the highbeams via an add a fuse - tap.. No issues at all.. The RC lights operate on a separate fuse but in the Same location in fuse box. The high beams has its own relay.. I also have a switch panel hooked up that I have other lights and accessories hooked up too.. My suggestion is to go on YouTube and search the videos of the RC light .. Lots to great videos of people using them at night..They definitely make it a lot better on back roads..


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The last picture was not of my truck😂😂.. I was just using as a reference on where to mount.. Did not me to post that one
I added those twin 10" RC lights as well in the grille, Carefull with the cutting and it went ok. Ran the trigger wire to the OEM foglamp hot wire. They come on when fog lamps do. Like the additional light on backroads and don't get flashed from oncoming traffic either.

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