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Installed SB CAI and Pulsar LT. WOW!!


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Jun 6, 2022
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Saratoga springs NY
Install was pretty straightforward on both mods.. Truck is so much fun to drive now, especially when setting Throttle sensitivity at 5🚀🚀🚀.. I mainly been using 4 for daily driving.. My average MPG dropped to 13.2 mpg in the last 500 miles since install.. So hard to keep my foot out of it now, sounds great with my exhaust..


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The Pulsar really makes the truck a truck again. I put the sensitivity to 3. Nice not having to push the throttle peddle so hard when on my 2 hour trip to our summer home. I also like the fact that I do not have to push the auto start stop button every time I get in the truck. Having all 8 cylinders keeps my truck from sounding like a helicopter. I did add a catch can too.
Do you have the new 22 refresh? I want to install this but I'm being told it's not compatible with the refresh 1500.
That Pulsar is a cool device. I like that it gives all of that functionality without re-writing the ECM. I did eventually switch to a tuner from Superchips just because I wanted some more power, but your truck will be down for a minimum of a few days while you wait on the ECM to be mailed in, unlocked, and then mailed back to you. But it does thankfully still have all of the same functionality. I also really like that intake design from SB! I like that it has an opening to pull additional air from the fender while still keeping the filter mostly blocked off from the engine heat. And their filters are huge.
The SB Cold Air Intake rocks! I too like the side fender pull. One of the main reasons I got it.
Do you have the new 22 refresh? I want to install this but I'm being told it's not compatible with the refresh 1500.
Mine is a 2020, but I’m purchasing a 2022 ZR2 and was told it will fit on that.. SB site says it fits the 22 With 6.2L..


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Sorry I should of specified. the pulsar doesn't work on the refresh gas engines.

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