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Mar 31, 2022
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Lantana, TX
Good morning! This my first post here and I'm starting with a question. Last week, I put in my order for the refreshed 2022 LT Trail Boss. I want to add Method MR305 NV 17s and KO2 35x12.5r17s but to do so, I need to level it. I was seriously looking at the ReadyLIFT SST 2" kit specifically designed for Trail Boss/AT4, which raises the front end 2" and the back 1". However, after reaching out to them, they were uncertain if the '19-'21/pre-refresh '22 kit would fit and advised against it. They haven't had the truck in the shop yet and don't know when they'll test the kit or develop a new one. So to my question--does anyone know of a lift kit known to fit the refreshed 2022 Trail Boss? These are just hitting the lots, so there may not be an answer. I'm just so pumped to be getting a truck again, I wanna pull out all the stops! Thanks from North Texas