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Jumping in to the forum to learn about my just purchased 2021 Z71 TrailBoss LT.


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Sep 17, 2022
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Kerrville, Texas
For instance; I have suspension arm visible behind front wheels that says "readylift". Is this the factory's way of installing a2" lift, or is this aftermarket setup to level the truck? Thanks!
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Ready Lift is an aftermarket company. Would need to see a picture to see what part this is on.
Thanks for your response. I'll attach pics (if I can do this right!)
2021 Z71 Readylift arm.jpg
Yep, Readylift upper control arm. It already looks lifted unless you have it jacked up in that picture. I would say a spacer on top of the strut and I think the Readylift kit uses another spacer at the bottom of the spring perch.
And someone got the crap duratracs off there and put a real off road tire on there with a strong sidewall!
Im running the same setup. ReadyLift and ditched the DuraCraps👍
Thanks for your response. I'll attach pics (if I can do this right!)View attachment 3989
Thanks. I don't have a clue what the original owner did to the suspension. Traded in a 7 year old Ram Rebel for this with 12k miles on it, at a Nissan dealership no less! While shopping and trying to trade at the local Chev dealership (to no avail), I did have the sales rep tell me that the Trail Bosses came from the factory with a "built-in" 2" lift. Is that correct?
Yes Trail Bosses have a standard 2" lift over other model Silverados. With the Ready Lift upper control arm they lifted/leveled the front either 1.75" or 2" depending on the kit that was installed.

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