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Katzkin Heated Leather


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Nov 22, 2022
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I stopped by our local Chevrolet dealer yesterday to check on a few things and they had a standard '23 Custom (not the TB) on the showroom floor that had been retrofitted with the Katzkin heated leather seats by a local installer. First one I have ever seen in person and I have to say I was pretty impressed. Looked like an OEM install aside from the location of the heat switches. I believe they stated it was around $1700 for the full install, but it looks like you can save a bit of coin by installing yourself, and the Youtube videos I watched didn't look to be too intimidating.

I don't personally need the leather, but would potentially like to retrofit the heating option to the cloth seats. If anyone has installed these, do you know if the heating option is a stand alone pad/system that could be leveraged with the factory cloth seats(would obviously need to remove and re-install like you would if swapping out for leather), or is it integrated into the replacement leather?
Many people buy the heating elements to add that to their vehicle afterwards that didn’t want the added cost of a package just for that feature. Typically you just buy a kit from Amazon or similar and remove the seat covers to install the heating pads. These systems aren’t usually integrated in the cloth or leather itself, they rest on the seat foam and the cloth or leather is then placed over them.

Should be able to find many videos of adding heated seats to vehicles. Not a difficult task, just takes the know how of removing and reinstalling the covers.

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