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KRAKIN68 2021 Trail Boss Build


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Nov 10, 2021
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Lebanon, Oh
Starting my 2021 Trail Boss build to hopefully help new buyers with issues I have run into or things I have ideas about. I welcome your thoughts and recommendations. I am a member of a few forums and really prefer this one and want to start my build here.

I have already found some areas that there is minimal information or misinformation related to electrical areas to tie into for dimming circuits in the BCM, other electrical ideas, switch panels, adding additional battery, fuse box, LED and lighting Mods, upgrading mirrors with work lighting and much more.

My mods will be as seamless as they can be using OEM grill, engine bay space, etc. I think our Silverados are a beautiful truck but just need a little tweaking.
I will start posting currently already accomplished mods, mods that I have purchased and waiting to do in next week or so, and planned near future mods.

I will always be open to questions about how I did something, why I did something a certain way. I have been modding and building cars for 20+ years some pretty significantly and I have learned along the way. I just hope to help others out so subscribe or watch the thread for f content.
Looking forward to it... especially the electrical insights. A repository with diagrams ands load capabilities at different spots on the truck would be awesome.
First let’s start with the immediate upgrades/mods that I had done within the first month.

First was dealer installed items:
First was upgrade packages that they offered that I was able to negotiate and drive them down on the price so I added them on.
1. Bed Liner Free
2. Wheel well and underbody coating, free
3. Interior and exterior upholstery and paint protection/coating, lifetime warranty, 75% off.

Then I went straight to the Bed of the truck and added one f my favorite and most useful add-one a bed extender. I like the AMP Research and for short bed trucks it’s a must.


Then the truck needed sidesteps or nerf bars.

I looked at many and thanks to those on this site who shared their pictures and recommendations and I went with the GoRhino RB20s with the Bed Liner coating. I love them.

I know my future plans include the need for switches. I looEd at some of the uplifter switch assemblies you find in some older LTZ and GMC trucks that had a row of switches above your right knee, and thought about that. Also the two non functioning switches currently below the infotainment center. ???

My long term plans will require at minimum four switches and other power needs and also I needed power above the front map and dome lights panel for my radar detector and dash cam. So I decided to add a six switch panel above by the overhead console. That required the removal of a few parts and how to power/protect all the added devices and circuits. That led to this…..


Definitely a learning curve on what to disassemble in what order and even more important ly how to put it back together.

Messge me if you have Qs.
I decided to basically add my own power distribution system with a few main components, to meet all my needs. Before too long I plan to add a second battery to power all this but currently I am running it off the OEM Battery.

I went with a Eaton 5-Relay and 10 Fuse, Dual Bus box.

This is my final product before install. It has 5 Prewired Relays ready to plug and play that are tied directly to 5 of the Fuses also. I pre-wired the remaining 5 fuse circuits as well. Two were hard wired and used in the interior of the cab for the Radar and Dash Cams fused power and one for “switched“ power circuit that I ran to the interior for future use too.
Heres what I ended up with for a fuse box. And how it lays into the system I placed in the engine bay.


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So I could see all this I added constant switched powered engine bay lighting.
I wanted good light and I do have a gravity switch but went with a simple, well made single pole switch that easily fit right into a somewhat discrete protected hole that was already there.

I went with A cheap LED 12 light bar from Amazon and two KC cyclone ver2 Lights. Great mod.

1AD707FD-0892-4542-9FC4-88F6B95B9843.jpeg E2928155-F979-4ADB-B4DD-44F961654DB6.jpeg CE5ACF01-9E7E-4E78-8DB9-49C70D38D7F9.jpeg
That’s a good choice, I hadn’t seen that before putting in my codura panel.
Few mods along the way. Wiring Splice, with room for additional Mods to connect too.

RC Dual Grille
RC Facia with LED DRLs and Turn Signals
New LED Turn Signal Bulbs


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They work.


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