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L3B 2.7L 2022 LTD oil analysis


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Oct 22, 2021
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9000' msl CO
Used to do this for a living so here's a reference early sample for others interested. Key areas are that wear is in check as it seats up. Most of the values that are higher than a seasoned engine are RTV and sealants. Lead is not an alloy in our engines of any size so its a gasket making residual most likely. Turbo bearing showing some wear-in. Ring inserts showing too.
Low water content shows a good well seated engine. Fuels dilution is too high but not uncommon for a DI engine. Target fuels dilute with gas chromatograpy = 0.5% or less. The dealer allowed it to idle for probably 2 hours and that tends to washout into oil on a fresh engine thus the fuels dilute is at least 0.3% too high from idle.
Nitration key to good IC engine operation lower better. This is perfect. I drove it up and down La Veta pass in CO to get low rpm hard pulls in high gear for better ring seating so next analysis should be even better. One note is that GM ACDELCO Dexos1 gen 2 or 3 5w-30 looked very robust and well done by contract maker ExxonMobil. Barium is dye from assembly.
If you choose to get oil analysis find a lab that does at least what is shown below or you are not getting enough!
Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 16.24.49.png
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