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Led Headlight Bulb upgrade?


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Aug 6, 2021
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Looking to upgrade the headlight bulbs from factory halogen to led on 2021 custom trail boss. Been reviewing morimoto 2Strokes 3.0 h11 but seen conflicting compatibility issues depending on website. Any recommendations? Thank you.
I installed the Lasfit LA Plus Series low beams in mine. They look great, are extremely bright and don’t seem to be an issue to oncoming traffic, never been flashed. They are a pain to put in if you don’t have small hands. Haven’t put in the high beams yet because of that.
If you haven't pulled the trigger yet on headlights I just put in the SEALIGHT 9005 H11 LED Bulbs from Amazon and they work great. They held the same beam pattern and height. The only is the install is a little tight in regards to the space for your hands to work in but overall not bad. I did the low and high beams and they are a much needed improvement over the stock halogens.
Y'all converted the halogen headlamps to LED? I want to switch to LED in the near future for the simple fact of wanting the brightest "white" light possible, but read in the manual that aftermarket LED replacement bulbs could cause damage to the electrical system.

Anyone have any electrical issues since switching?
I went ahead and installed morimoto 2stroke 3.0 in my 2021 custom trailboss. Hard to install with limited space. Super bright lights. I haven’t had any electrical issues …… yet.
Curious what the issues would b also. Is it the amount of heat they give off? The factory low beam halogens in my custom r awful. Have no peripheral view! Especially when turning
Curious what the issues would b also. Is it the amount of heat they give off? The factory low beam halogens in my custom r awful. Have no peripheral view! Especially when turning
I have been using sealight LED replacement high and low beams on my custom trail boss for 10+ months, the light output has been a noticeable improvement and I have not experienced any issues with overheating.
I installed the Morimoto 2 strokes for low beams and CSP minis for the high beams on my customer trail boss over a year ago. Definitely a nice upgrade to the stock halogens. No issues with either. The low beams were a bit difficult to install with limited space and big hands
I just did the CSP Minis in both low and high beam (H11 and 9005 respectively). I’m very happy with them. Plenty bright and completely compatible with the truck.
New to the Group so please be gentle....
I am going to switch to the LED's and appreciate all the info that you all have provided but there in a question I was hoping someone could answer for me?
Did anyone need the antiflicker adapters that are offered? I am leaning to the GTR Lighting Ultra Series 2 or the S-V.4 and the extra cost for the antiflicker device is another $55+ so if it is not needed it will be $$$ that I can save?
Are the OEM headlamp assemblies that are on the 2021 Custom Trail Boss a Reflector or a Projector type of headlamp? I was doing research into the LED bulbs and depending on the style of the headlamps the ratings for the bulbs Lumens are drastically different.
Also Does anyone have the size of the Dust caps off hand?
Any info would be appreciated.
Only the proper and good bulbs can provide great result. Like for me the Sealight from LED Headlight Bulbs for Cars & Trucks | Free Shipping works great and love them. Longevity will be the determining factor. They are the exact same size as stock, the ballast fit inside the stock dust cover and the beam pattern is the exact same as stock. If someone flashes you it’s because they sit lower not because you’re spraying them with poorly reflected light.
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