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Loose Axle Nuts!!!


Jun 18, 2022
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I know I don't post much, but I lurk constantly, gleaning information and ideas on how to spend more money. LOL.

So, I just got home from the dealership, and I'm asking for some feedback.

I have a 2022 LT Refresh. 295/70r18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on factory wheels with 1 1/4" Bora Spacers. Only other mods are a catch can and a new CAI that I put on myself.

Last week, I had 4 Wheel Parts put on new Bilstein 5100 shocks, because I wanted a firmer ride and the 1.1" level in the front. Picked it up Monday, no problems. Took it to the dealership today for an oil change and tire rotation, in anticipation of a road trip to Lubbock this weekend.

The dealership tech comes out (with the passenger side front axle nut in his hand) to tell me that the right front side axle nut was completely off (loose in the wheel) and that the the left front side was still on but loose.

I contacted 4 Wheel Parts (I've worked with them before on my Jeep, and they always did good work), and they want me to bring it in so that they can look at it.

I wouldn't think that new shocks and/or wheel spacers would in any way contribute to loosening the front axle nuts.

Needless to say, I'm grateful that this was caught after a just a 100 miles or so, but it's a concern.

Anyway...has anyone run across this problem?
No I have not. Good thing you did catch it when you did. Who knows what might have happened.
You have to remove the axle nuts to pull the spindle to get the struts out. Guess they didn't torque them down after they put it back together.
Thank you Gents,

I suspect you’re all correct and the tech at 4WP just forgot to torque the bolts.

Glad the dealership caught it before it became a problem.

The manager at 4WP was a stand up guy about it. No free mod, but did look at it again this morning to verify everything was good.

Appreciate the feedback.
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