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Love all of the stuff you guys post


May 22, 2021
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Western New York
Its just awesome to see all the things most of you have done to your trucks to make them yours. I like some more than others but its cool to see such passionate owners taking it to the next step

my next upgrades will be exhaust and maybe some vinyl.
Im ready to dabble in some vinyl graphics (love game of thrones - targaryen).
I love good forums. I wish they were still as popular as they used to be. One of the things this one has going for it is it is still fresh, new, and positive. The truck has only been in this trim since 2019. I want to encourage every lurker out there to join. We can all benefit from everyone else's experience. Especially the positive ones. Forums are almost never brought down by the community members. The double edge sword is they are an amazing place to get real advice and solutions to your issues. Because of that everyone looking for an answer to a problem posts it and most don't come back after their problem is solved. Eventually forums become polluted with negativity and it looks like the sky is falling. Please join and share your experience with all of us. The good the bad, and the ugly. We are all here to learn from each other.

Kind Regards,

100% agree. I really enjoy sharing what I’ve done and learning from others.👍

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