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Jun 7, 2022
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Hello All.

Gkad to be here. I've had the pleasure of owning my 22TB LTD for 1100 miles now. It's a bad girl! Anyway, I've done the following, and since I'm an idiot with my money, I can't see it stopping any time soon.

RC Exhaust
RC Retractable Tonneau
Boost Auto Wireless Charger
AMP Powersteps
Amp/Lund Bed Extender
LASFIT LED's (basically everything that wasn't to begin with).

Next mod will probably be a ReadyLift 2" Level, since the factory rake makes me nuts.
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Forgot to add the Pulsar LT. Probably my most fave mod to date.
how do you like the bed cover? cannot beat that price.
The cover is pretty good, for the money. This is the first retractable I've owned (I usually buy BAK). I bought the RC on price alone really. The only downside is that It doesn't retract that well to be honest. It did at first, but not so much anymore. I still think it's nice though, just gotta shove it to get it to retract.
yeah that type of stuff does not surprise me as far as some of the downside since there is such a big price difference with some of the premium retractables.
Spending money on the TB is easy. It's just a thousand here and there. :ROFLMAO:
Nope, everything you need comes with it, including the anxiety of drilling into a new truck.
Yea I was just wondering because some manufacturers are claiming theirs will fit but they come with the rounded bracket. It doesn't look like there is enough of a flat spot for those before it Angleton the tailgate frame. But I think I seen some manufacturers with skinnier, alongated mounts. Even those seem like the whole bracket won't fit flush against the smaller flat spot.
The reason I'm asking is because I kept my old extender when I traded my 2016 Z71 in for this new 2023 and was trying to save a couple bucks and just buy new brackets. I was hoping someone had a part number for those mounts that will work.
Thanks for the reply back.


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