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LT275/70/R18 on stock wheels


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Apr 27, 2022
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I’m looking to upgrade my tires on my truck, I have a leveling kit and stock wheels. Does anyone run LT275/70/R18 on stock wheels and leveling kit? What’s the biggest tires people have without rubbing on a leveled truck? I’m looking at the Goodyear ultra terrain AT’s, anyone have these and if so how do you like them? Need to make a decision fast as my stock tires are almost bald. Thanks
I had 295/70s on stock 18s and a ReadyLift level kit. No rub at all. Until I added 1.5in spacers then I had minor rubbing.
I have 275/70-18’s. There was no rubbing whatsoever. I did add the Readylift 1.75 for looks only…initially used the top puck and UCA only, but ended up taking the top puck out and adding the bottom spacer only. I like that stance better. It’s all about preference. Felt like the front was too high with the top puck.
I have Cooper Discoverer AT3's on my 20 Trail Boss. Didn't have issues is a stock set up. I recently put 1.5" spacers on and now have a very small rub when at full lock out in reverse, no other issues. I'll fix the small rub in the spring when it's warmer here in Michigan.
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I have 295/70r18 Ridge Grapplers on mine.

No lift, and no rubbing on stock wheels.

When I added 1 1/4” Bora spacers, I had remove the mud flap bracket and trim the mud flap to eliminate rubbing.
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