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Lug Nut Cross Threaded

Psycho Steve

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Mar 10, 2022
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Elkmont, AL
I rotated my tires yesterday and low and behold I put in a lug nut and cross threaded it. Everyone of them went in fine except one. I got it half way in and it won’t go any further. Any idea if this is going to cause an issue? I drove it today and no vibration or problems. Do I need to take it to the dealer and have them change out the lug post and lug nut?
You probably won’t die because only 5 of 6 lugs are tightened correctly but get it taken care of. It’s a simple fix👍
If you cannot sleep at night because of this issue, obtain a Thread Die and turn it onto the (very likely) damaged threads. I am not sure what the Die Size is that you will need, but I'll research it and get back here. Hopefully you will discover the correct size yourself before then. It isn't rocket science.

Pro Tip: DO NOT cross thread the new Thread Die on the damaged threads. Now, for exactly how to avoid this ...

"Warranty: No warranty is expressed or implied. You are on your own, sport."
I took my truck to the dealer just to have the wheel lug and nut replaced. thanks for all the help.
Not sure if Tb is the same, I have crossed thread trailers before. Really all you have to do is get a big hammer and beat the bolt out, then pound another one in.

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