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Message to all RECON tail light owners


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Jan 22, 2022
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Northern Ontario, Canada
As a public service to all RECON owners I wanted to share my findings.

As a Canadian Trail Boss owner my truck sees salted roads in the winter and I'm thinking that has something to do with the issues I was having.

I have had issues with both RECON tail lights making the truck throw a "Rear Indicator Failure" warning on the DIC. At first it was intermittent, but my right tail light has been fast flashing and throwing an error steady for about a month now. I spoke to RECON and they sent a new resistor kit as they figured that was the problem.

The resistor kits arrived today and low and behold I found the problem. The small 3 pin connector for the tail lights (all part of the RECON harness) was corroded so bad that it pulled the male pin right out of the connector.



Had to splice and use gel filled butt connectors to connect things back together. It wasn't the resistors after all.

My advice, inspect your connectors and unclip them carefully, be prepared to have the same thing happen cause there was no way my clip was going back together and I would have been without a right turn signal. If you get yours apart and it's still intact, hit it with some dielectric grease to keep the corrosion at bay.

My tail lights were only 6 months old.

Cheers guys.
They've had such a history of failed resistors that they use a quick connector to make for easier resistor pack changes.

Solve one problem, create another.

Resistor pack.
I have had my recon tail lights since last Summer, I have been getting a left turn signal code for the last 4-5 weeks.. Fast blinking, very annoying.. I live in upstate NY, lots of salt and snow around here too… Guess I will look into your findings and see if this is my issue too… Not happy about having issues with them already for the price of them..

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