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Muffler Delete vs Borla S-Type


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Sep 12, 2023
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Do any of yall have recommendations on which exhaust I should do between a muffler delete and the borla s-type? I’ve listened to videos on YouTube but wondering if anyone had opinions on what sounds better in person.
2019 5.3 I did a muffler delete leaving the flapper. I don't mind the extra growling, better than stock. If/when I'm ready I can do a simple muffler swap with the bypass pipe
I put the Borla S-type catback on a month or so ago. I feel it's perfect, gives the truck some more grunt, doesn't drone at any speed, and is quiet when cruising. My neighbors probably hate the 4:45am cold starts though :)

One other plus is I got the black quad tips, looks better than the usb port tips.
I did the Borla Touring on my driveway… love the height of these Trail Bosses how easy it is to work underneath them. Touring sounds great when you stomp on it, but I am tempted to try the S-Type in the future.
what do you want it to sound like to others ??? That should be your thoughts...if you want all out loud, the S-type or AWE would tops that i have heard.

i say that, as my 6.2 deleted, is loud...but not a good refined tone. it has some drone, and it is difficult to hear phone calls over the sound system, unless it is cranked up

i plan to add a touring type or corsa muffler to refine the tone...may even try a couple small round muffler in place of the resonators.
Does anyone know, or know where I can find the information, if the exhaust setups are the same for 2024 models as the 23s? All the sites don't have 2024 options yet. Trying to decide between a Borla S or a delete.

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