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Muffler delete

Nope, love it! Only complaint is DFM when cylinders shut down. Sounds like a chopper
So I just bought my custom TB about 2 weeks ago now and loving but have been seeing a lot of videos and discussion around the muffler delete. I am very interested in doing as we need a little more sound out this V8. My engine has the AFM and DFM removed from GM so I should be able to avoid the helicopter sound correct?

Are people removing the flapper as well? I'm assuming there is no need to keep that.
Yes I removed the flap, no need for keeping. You should have no helicopter sound with DFM removed. There is a slight drone on highway at around 1700-1800 RPM when at cruising speed but not too bad.
I appreciate the response. As far as sound goes how loud would you say it is? It's hard to tell from videos I've seen. I dont want to piss of the neighbors or the wife. ha
Cold start will definitely get attention but it quiets down fairly quick. Not too loud when crusing, but definitely hear it when getting on the gas! My wife is not a big fan of loud (drives a Buick) lol. I like to goose it going under bridges with windows down, sounds like a dragster!!
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Did mine yesterday and love it. Just the right amount of sound for me. Cold starts are loud but that’s part of it to me. My second favorite mod besides led headlights

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