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Need help taillight


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Mar 13, 2024
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I have a 2019 Chevy Trail boss v6 bought brand new for my wife she is the inly driver the daytime running light/ park light not working. All the turn signals work fine . When you put tailgate down works fine, when you lock and unlock on key thob works fine and eveything lights up. I am completely confused it’s only has one bulb in it I replaced it still not working. Any suggestions would be appreciated rather not have to take to dealer.
I'm confused. The title says tail light, but when you say the running light/parking light aren't working out sounds like you're talking about the headlight. Perhaps if you took a short video and posted we might be of some help. Another person and place I recommend getting ahold of is NewDude over at gm-trucks.com. He's a very knowledgeable dealership service tech. I hate recommending another forum, but that's the best source I could think of to help with your issue. Chasing electrical issues over the internet can be a tricky problem.
lets say you start your truck up its just running or dark outside one tail light lit up other not but all turn signals work fine. Even if you got to lock the doors or unlock it even lights up.
sounds like a bad buld, you probably have halogen tails...with a dual filament bulb. the low filament is broken.
that said, it appears to be a 7443 bulb for everything back there. that can be a halogen of LED.
The factory LED taillights are sealed units, aside from the reverse light. If a LED taillight burns out you have to replace the entire unit.

I'm willing to bet the OP has tapped into the circuit. I had the same problem when I ran a fuse tap off of the parking light circuit and the left taillight stopped working. Once I removed the tap it started working again.
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being a true LED, you may have tapped the wrong pole wire.

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