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K. B. S.

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Aug 8, 2021
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New York
Hi fellow Trail Boss owners, I have had my black 6.2 for a few months and traded in my 19 ZR2 Colorado for it.
Upgrades so far is Adam’s Graphine Ceramic Coating that I did myself, AMP power steps, Kicker Subwofer, and a Borla cat back exhaust.
I also installed power folding mirrors and the door switch of which I have come to find out won’t work with the LT models.


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Welcome to the forum, I’m a fellow new Black Boss myself - or will be within the next couple weeks, have one being held at my dealership waiting for us to close on our new house in a few days!
I have a question - how difficult was it to apply the Adam’s graphine coating? I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube and feel like I could probably do it myself, but just nervous considering I have zero experience with anything more than regular hand washing and waxing. I don’t even have any experience with claybar or polishing really, and scared I’m going to screw something up. Is it safer to pay a professional detailer, or is it really something as simple as it looks in the videos? Appreciate any tips and advice you have to offer my friend!
I did the process in 3 days - only because of all of the prep work. If you self perform the coating don't miss any of the steps in the instructions, start at the top of the truck and do small areas at a time and make sure you don't do the coating in direct sunlight. As soon as the coating starts to get a rainbow haze, wipe it off with the special towels that come with the kit. The results are amazing - the paint looks like its wet, BTW I wash the truck with the Graphine car wash only. Give it a shot, it's a rewarding experience when you are done.
How do you like the Adam's Graphene ceramic? I just ordered it for my new truck. I used the Adams Ceramic on my 16 Colorado Z71 Diesel that I traded in at was a good product.

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