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NEW BOSS. Pretty Stoked.

Picked up these guys on marketplace - basically brand new takeoff GM Silverado Off Road High Clearance steps for over half price!

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Great find. I bought those same ones from GM and put them on my 2020 even though the dealership parts guy said they are only for 2021-up haha. The grip is great and they tuck up nice and high to the truck. Can’t go wrong with these.
So I went into one of the dealerships somewhat nearby to poke around this past weekend. I was not really intending on buying a truck (at least not today). With the new model year of Colorado/Canyon coming out, I was somewhat thinking about placing an order for one of them. But... they had a 6.2 LT Trailboss in Dark Ash and I just decided I couldn't pass it up. Anyway, here she is.

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Congratulations let the mods begins!
So my wife's only real comment was I need some steps for her. Fair enough. After looking around quick, the Go Rhino RB20s look like a reasonable price and style. Anyone have thoughts on those or other recommendations?

I am also going to get a Tonneau for going skiing and such. I am pretty set on the BAK X4s - but anyone have any other recommendations? Also, does the X4s on the Silverado CrewCab come with the T slots?
My wife said the same thing. I went with the OEM high clearance off-road steps and like them a lot. They are pricey but you won't be disappointed.
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