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New Member and What A Ride To Get To This Point.

Oct 9, 2022
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Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania
Just recap of my journey to become a TrailBoss owner.
Decided in mid 2019 it was time to get out of my 2004 Silverado 1500 Z71 and into something new. Choose the TrailBoss and started looking around at local dealerships. Nobody had any in color/options i was looking for. Not a big deal as i wasnt in a hurry. Then 2020 happened and the vehichle nightmare started. I remained patient and with the talk of a refresh i decided to ride it out. Fast forward to March of 2022, with some help from a friend who's family members work for a local dealership, i placed my order for 2022 TrailBoss LT in Dark Ash Metallic, LT Premium Package, Dark Essentials and Off Road Assist Steps. I was told by the dealer, now all they had to do was wait until they were aloted one to order. Ok, no problem you would think. Boy was i wrong. Fast forward to June 2022 and i get a call from the dealership i was working with to be told , good news, we received an email from GM stating we can order any sold units so your truck is being ordred as we speak. Great !!!!!! But not really. As i awaited information on a build date, i started do daily checks on the gm supplier site to see the exact truck i ordered being shown in transit to dealerships within 100 mile radius of where i live. I thought should be any day now. Nope, not even close. Stopped in to my dealer at he beginning of August to be told GM hasnt even picked up the order yet. Its just sitting in their system as a preliminary order. Thats not good. With word out that the TrailBoss model was going to be in heavier constraint for 2023, i just wasnt sure if this truck was ever going to be built and neither was the dealership. I decided that when i saw the exact truck showing in transit to other dealerships in the area, i started to check on availability. First one, nope not available. Already had a deposit on it. 2nd one, noooooooo im not paying $5,000 over MSRP. 3rd one, noooooo im not paying $3,000 over MSRP. And let me just say, the dealership i ordered through was working with me and giving me gm supplier discount price with any applicable rebates. My employer is gm supplier pricing qualified with our fleet. Its now mid September and i see a 4th one exaclty the way i ordered going to a dealership 50 miles away. Make the call and yep,its available. 1st inquiry they had on it. Great. Firm on MSRP price, no market adjustment or demand fee. I decided the $4000 difference between MSRP and Supplier price was not a big deal since i has been so difficult to get what i wanted. Tried to give them a deposit and was told they dont accept deposits on vehichles not on the lot but i was 1st inquiry so when the vehichle arrived, i would be the 1st one called. Ok, great. At 9:13 am on October 7th, phone rings and its the dealer. Guess what ? The TrailBoss is being unloaded off the hauler as we speak. Awesome !!!!! Heres my credit card number, put a deposit on it and ill see you tomorrow morning when you open. Sorry, we currently are no longer taking deposits or holding vehichles. Its first come first serve. But Im at work and a little over an hour away from you. Ok, other interested buyers are also being notified, if one of them show up before you get here, we will call and let you know to save you the trip. Oh how generous of you. Needless to say, that throws me into a panic. I was able to take a half day at work and my boss compd me an hour so i can get on the road. Thankfuly i never received that call from the dealership and now the proud owner of 2022 Trail Boss LT Dark Ash Metallic, 5.3L equiped exactly the way i wanted. What a ride to get to this point. Took delivery yesterday, October 8th and really enjoyed my ride home. Any of you veteran TrailBoss owners that have any advice on ANYTHING i would greatly appreciate it.


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Wasn’t that long ago when we didn’t have to beg to buy a new vehicle 😬
Everyone thought covid would destroy the market but automotive manufacturers and dealers are making more profit than they have in a long time.
Nice truck, your ordeal puts mine to shame, I am just in the wiating patiently stage for almost your twin vehicle, delivery date was 10/08/22, but got the update it is now 10/22/22. I will have the Dark Ash with same packages but also the 3.0 Diesel w/ Sunroof. Congratulations on the new truck, looks awesome!!
Congrats! Its a clown world we live in post-covid. I ordered mine in June and was delivered in just 2.5 months with no retrofits. Crazy. I dont understand how some people wait half a year or more and take delivery of something that needs retro fits and others have a near-normal experience. Maybe something dealer related? or just dumb luck that the parts for a certain trim are available when an order is placed?

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