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Nov 22, 2022
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Figured I better take a moment to introduce myself. I've been monitoring the forum for some time now as I debated between what new truck I wanted to buy. I've been a fan of the Trail Boss since it first came out, but was also considering the new Tundra and the '23 Superduty. Ultimately decided on a Custom TB as the most appropriate fit for me and my family and placed an order with the local dealership here a few weeks ago. Went with the 5.3 and the standard bed in black. Pretty straightforward build, so I'm hoping I'm not waiting too long, but not in any rush as well. Went back and forth between the LT and the Custom, but ulimately decided on the Custom. All the new tech and interior features of the LT were extremly tempting, but more than I really need. I tend to hold onto vehicles for awhile as well, and the simplicity of the Custom seemed more suitable for my use and the longetivity. Only things I really wish I could have added were the heated seats, steering wheel, and LED's, none of which I've had on any previous vehicles, and aside from the heated steering, look to be reasonable and availbale upgrades in the aftermarket.

Located in Rochester, MN and grateful for all the information being shared here on the forum!
Welcome! I considered the custom as well, as its also the "cheapest" trim you can order with the duramax. Nuts and bolts wise its the same, as it has everything that makes a Trailboss a Trailboss, without all the extra interior tech. Plus, you dont run the risk of ordering a truck with features that are missing at delivery and require a retro fit later :ROFLMAO:

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