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Nov 28, 2022
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Near Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Hello from near Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I've got a 2021 Trail Boss with 6.2L & 10-speed, black, ATC camper shell, some running boards that I'm going to change out, presently installing Bilstein shocks and Air Lift airbags. I bought it new in January of '21. Presently almost 35K miles. I live on our family farm (500+ acres), where it gets to use its 4WD fairly often. I pull a 24 ft travel trailer (5100 to 5400 lbs) several times a year on trips that are usually 2K to 3K miles. I also pull a farm equipment trailer with 7K lbs to 9K lbs on it fairly often and sometimes up to 17K lbs. This is my main vehicle and I don't baby it, but it does get all maintenance religiously on schedule and is checked often to make sure everything is good. I really love the performance of the 6.2L engine, and if I keep my foot out of it, I can wring some decent mileage out of it.

We have a family tradition of naming our vehicles, tractors, boats, motorcycles, etc., and this one earned the name "Nine Bears" because the first time we went to the Smoky Mountains National Park in it, we saw nine bears from it the first day there. My immediate plans for it are to finish installing Bilstein shocks all around, install a set of Air Lift air bags under the rear, get the computer reprogrammed to get rid of most, if not all, of the annoying "nannies" in its controls, install some decent towing mirrors, put on a set of new (hopefully taller) off-road capable tires, and install a ham radio. I also have a '78 Scottsdale 4WD (needs some restoration) and a '96 Silverado Z-71 4WD (still in great shape). Both were bought new.
Welcome from Elkmont, Alabama


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Welcome, from southern MN! I just joined the forums as well after placing an order for a new '23 Custom Trail Boss. Would have loved the 6.2, but no longer an option on the Custom trim, and I didn't want to splurg on all the extras of the LT I would never really use. Love the white as well, but ended up going black after much debate. My last Silverado was a 1984 K10 long bed, so looking forward to some of the improvements:)

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