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Dec 21, 2021
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South Georgia
Well, I just put a deposit down on a 22 Sand Dune Trail Boss with a 3.0 Duramax. Now the wait begins. Looking forward to learning from everybody and modding my new truck.
Yes It will have the new interior. It will be the first truck with the new interior that my dealer will get.
Here are the order sheets.
Damn 5 months😬. It looks great. I really like the color 👍
Wife wants a Yukon Denali. Id better order now for Christmas 🤣
Great looking truck! What color interior did you get? I ordered Sand Dune LT TB 3.0 with the Gideon interior. Kind of second guessing the Gideon choice with Sand Dune, but not going to change the order at this point.

Ordered 4/1/22
TPW 5/30/22

How long after it was built, did the transit time take?
I have Jet Black Leather Interior.
My truck was ordered 12/23 and was built around 3/21. It sat at the port in Jacksonville for almost a month waiting on a transport to deliver it. Maybe yours won t take that long.
Looks like it was worth the wait! Awesome truck!

I hope it doesn’t take that long on my end either.

My first mod will be adding a Peragon tonneau cover. Then maybe the Banks Derringer when it comes out.

I keep telling myself that the anticipation is more fun than the final delivery. Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to convince myself of that though…..
It was worth the wait. Spent the wait time ordering parts!
I have already tinted windows, removed almost all of the chrome badging and replaced it with black.
Installed a BAK REVOLVER X4S Bed cover, Putco LED light bar under tailgate,and shorty antenna.
Have the ready lift SST to go on this week and 20x11 wheel with 35x12.50r20 Baja Boss A/T.
And also have a pair of 12” subs to go under the back seat. Just have to find time to get it all done.
The black badging is all I’ve ordered so far.

I’ll probably order the cover once I know the truck is at the rail yard in Houston.

Not going to buy a bunch of stuff until it’s on the ground in Texas.

You’ve done a lot so far! Sounds like a sweet truck!
Wheels and tires are on. Also added Rough Country SF1 Fender Flares. Not a good pic, needs cleaning, but you get the idea.

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