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Mar 27, 2022
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Hi all, I am new to the forum and live in Colorado. I've had my Trailboss for a little over 2 years. I've just recently started doing some modifications. Look forwards to interacting with you all!


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Welcome to the forums for the Chevy Trail Boss! Lots of info here from folks who have modified theirs.
Mine does really well in the snow and mountains of Colorado, as well.


I just joined up here. I live in Denver, and I'm picking my Custom up in Glenwood on Saturday morning.

Looking forward to learning from you all.
Being in the springs I can tell you that most of the stuff by Tarryall and up near Old Stage Rd is great with the Trail Boss despite being full size.

But stay off China Wall lol.
All of you posting about your mountains make me jealous. There is a gentle slope going up for about 100 yards as I leave my neighborhood... that's as close as I get. :(

I miss living out west and having mountains in my backyard.
For you Colorado guys don't miss the Alpine Loop trails in the San Juan Mountains. It is totally doable in a Trail Boss. A few years ago I did Ouray to Silverton via Corkscrew Gulch in a Chevy Avalanche. This summer I hope to go back and do the whole loop in my TB. It is not as tough as some say it is, much of it is good Forest Service roads. The extreme part is not the difficulty of the 4wheeling, it is the exposure. A lot of what I was on is shelf trails. Good trail but the mountain falls away for a few thousand feet on one side of the trail. It is some of the most beautiful country I have ever been in.

So that route from Ouray goes through Corkscrew Pass, and then down along Cement Creek?

Corkscrew Pass is about 200 miles from Boulder, through Poncha Springs and Montrose. So that's 400 miles there and back. That would be about $100 in gas. Plus probably another $50 or more actually on the trails between Ouray and Silverton, for $150 - $200 total for a trip including some Great Scenery and Off-road Adventure. I would take at least one, maybe two, extra 5 gallon Fuel containers and other stuff. That is still not too bad in fuel cost, even with the prices today. (The reasons for which we probably shouldn't discuss here.)

I would guess there are spots where overnight camping could be enjoyed ... ?

I did some calculations to get an idea of how much more economical my Corvette is compared to my Trail Boss. I am usually getting 18 - 20 MPG in my TB, and I get 23 - 30 MPG in my Corvette. The 87 octane for the TB is about $4.30 per gallon now, and the 91 octane for the car is about $4.60/gal.

So the Trail Boss gets 4.2 miles per dollar, and the Corvette gets 5.4 miles per dollar. Or about 30% more economical. And that is relatively constant, because the gas prices for 85/87/91 octane go up basically together. Here is a page that shows gas prices:

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