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Aug 8, 2021
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South GA
Hello all, excited to join this forum! From the many posts I’ve seen this seems like a good group of people all interested in helping each other, which is always good to find! I’m about to own a 2021 LT Trail Boss in a couple weeks, have a black one reserved at a dealership about an hour away from me. We’re in the middle of buying a house, and you know how they tell you not to do anything to affect your credit etc. We close in a few days but the suspense is absolutely killing me, just knowing my beautiful TB is there on the lot waiting for me to pick up and drive away! Still can’t believe the dealership was amazing enough to hold it so long for us with just a $500 deposit (made couple weeks ago) - and on top of that they threw in some running boards, and I’m paying extra to have them install a bedliner as well as black exhaust tips.

Anyway just want to reach out to everybody and ask a few newbie questions. What mods do y’all recommend and consider almost requirements? I’ve seen a LOT l of talk about the LT pulsar installation, and few posts about exhaust systems. Not planning on doing anything with the tires/wheels yet as my TB comes with 20s, but may upgrade to Nitto Grapplers eventually at some point.

Also, I immediately plan on getting a ceramic/graphine coat upon delivery, and I won’t really ask what products you guys recommend because there are thousands of options (welcome to any suggestions of course) - but my main question is this: is this something you’d recommend having done by a professional detailing service, or is it something that isn’t too terribly hard to do on my own? I’ve watched several videos on YouTube etc. and feel like I could probably do it myself, but just a little nervous considering I really have no experience beyond regular washing/waxing and all. I’m willing to pay several hundred dollars to receive professional detail ceramic coating, but would you guys advise that as something to do? Or is this stuff relatively easy for the most part and something perfectly capable of doing myself and saving some money?

Any thoughts/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to hearing what y’all have to say, so glad I found this forum!

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