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Dec 2, 2022
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Glen Carbon, IL 62034, USA
Hey everyone, name is Matt, and I've been lurking on here since April. I ordered a 2022 dark ash metallic TB LT 5.3 refresh back in April and it's still not here with no idea of an ETA. I have been buying small stuff for it over the last few months to install once it arrives:

RetraxOne tonneau cover, window tint, shorty antenna, CAI, catch can, PulsarLT, Lasfit leds, black lug nuts

Funny enough, we just bought a 2023 Z71 Summit White Tahoe for my wife a month ago. The transmission went out on her Infiniti JX35 and it wasn't worth fixing. At least I get to drive that around every once in a while b/c it's basically a the Tahoe version of the TB :D
From everything I have read is that the Pulsar LT won't work with the 2022 refresh. I ordered mine around the time you did and just took delivery 4 weeks ago, love it as I had a 20219 TB and its night and day difference.
Yeah I haven't ordered the Pulsar yet, hoping they get one produced for the refresh models. Glad to hear you like your 2022!

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