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No Homelink (garage opener question)


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Nov 16, 2022
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I’m not too tech savvy, can you add your garage opener app to the homescreen on the LT Trailboss?

I miss the homelink on my LTZ but I love my new Trailboss.
I was kinda disappointed that no Homelink in the Trailboss. Especially with upper-level LT trim seem like pretty standard these days. Had to dig out the old garage remote.
Just buy a new roof console with the HomeLink in it. I bought one for my TB Custom. I actually bought 2 because the first one was black and had sunroof controls which I don't have either being a Custom. I found a light gray one with only the power rear slider control so I swapped that in. If anyone needs a black console with slider and sunroof controls with HomeLink, message me.
The one I just bought with only the rear slider and HomeLink was $50 and the one with the sunroof, slider buttons, and HomeLink was $65. Bought both off ebay. The wiring is all there, just unplug what you have and plug it into the new console.
Having a hard time programing the garage door opener with truck, any tricks. Last time I think had to push button on garage door motor.
I just had my garage door opener remote in the truck, pushed and held the button I wanted to program on the HomeLink and then pushed and held the garage door opener button until the light flashed on the HomeLink portion of the truck. Then I was able to test the button I programmed and it worked fine.
Did your truck come some with slider window ? was it stock with only the cab lights and onstar /sos/ option ? just making sure the overhead console harness will work with it,The plug looks the same but the harness may be wired differently
Mine is a Custom, so no rear slider. The button is there in the console with Homelink but it doesn't do anything since I don't have the slider. Homelink works fine. Homelink runs off power and ground and one other wire, I'm not sure what it is for. I swapped the Homelink from the black console to the gray one since I didn't want to mess with reprogramming it and it was only a couple screws and one plug to swap it in the console.
did your truck have onstar and sos option
mine is a rst with those options in overhead console /but no slider or sunroof ,just wanting to make sure homelink wil;ll work
I thought all trucks above Custom got the slider as standard. Yes I have Onstar and the console just plugs in and works.

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