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Noise from inside cabin (SOLVED)


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Jan 21, 2023
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The only way I can think to explain this noise is when you turn the drag down on a fishing reel and the fish swims away with the line.. It sounds exactly like that.

I noticed it yesterday but drove more today, seems to be coming from the front driver side, maybe under the floor board or in the wheel well area, and can only hear it when driving at speeds above 40.
At 40-45 you can kind of hear it but not often
45-60+ It is non-stop fishing reel sound.

Hard to tell exactly where it is coming from because I can't stick my head under the dash when I'm driving at 50+ mph.
Anyone have any ideas?

I just got the truck back on Friday night, they replaced all the lifters due to the engine tapping and they found that my lifters were no good.
Truck has 13K miles on it..
I'm at a loss and I'm dying to identify the noise before I take it back to the dealer on Monday.

Thank you.
Unfortunately there’s really no way to help you with this w/o actually being in your truck. It may or may not be normal noise from tires?
Unfortunately there’s really no way to help you with this w/o actually being in your truck. It may or may not be normal noise from tires?
Yeah I understand what you mean, it just started after I got it back from the shop.. I'll take it to them tomorrow and let y'all know what they tell me.
Sorry to hear about yet another lifter failure. Keep us updated on the new noise. Sounds like a reel drag. . .
I have had a similar mystery noise from inside the cab and for the life of me cannot figure out where its coming from. fishing reel is a good way to describe it. Mine has gone away for the time being but for about 2 months i thought about scrapping the truck

Update: the noise is back and it for sure sounds like a little tiny reel letting line out... Please let me know if you figure it out
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Mine sounds like a flapper hitting
Between the cab and bed ! I looked between them and on the cab there is to look like vents on the cab but don’t know if it moves??
Now I need to go drive my truck and see if I can hear any similar noise.. Got me wondering.. I always have the radio on while driving..
Okay guys, took it to the dealer FINALLY. They let me drive the mechanic around with me.

They took off a heat shield between the engine and cab when they replaced my lifters. Mechanic said the screws are supposed to have lock tight on them (they didn't put it on)

A screw on the heat shield got loose and any time I drove over 40 it was just rattling. Check your heat shield screws..
The dealer fixed mine yesterday and it was fine for 24 hours, now it's rattling again.. Gonna do it myself this time.
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I have had increased trouble at dealerships lately, to the point where I will be doing nearly all of the inspection, maintenance and repair on our vehicles.

Used to take my trucks to McCaddon Cadillac, one of the best dealerships in the country. But they cannot service my Corvette. Local Chevy dealer people criticized me for not running Michelin tires on the Corvette. Never going back there.

Wife used to take her 5.0L Mustang GT/CS to Sil-Terhar, one of the best Ford dealerships. They rounded off the Oil Drain Bolt torquing it to 200+ pounds instead of just 19. After they fixed it, Wife told 'em they will never see her again. I am becoming familiar with everything this car needs.

Been doing more and more for my truck. Recently changed the oil and Rotated the tires myself. That's a lot of work for an old guy.
So I'll take the truck to a dealer only when the service schedule says the suspension needs inspection.

Become more self-sufficient ... do more of the work yourself. And save some money as well.
100% agree. Unless it’s warranty work or something I can’t do myself, I stay away from repair shops. I have to admit though, I did pay a tire place $30 to rotate my tires but I watched them do it🤣
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