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OEM Goodyear to Bridgestone


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Aug 31, 2023
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St. Louis, MO
I was browsing through some new trucks and noticed some are now coming with Bridgestones. Has this always been the case or GM changing tire brands for TB?

Those there are factory tires for the concrete only, city Trail Bosses. 😂

But seriously, my ‘20 2500HD came factory with 20” Duelers, not a bad tire just not aggressive at all.
I’m gonna run these through the winter and most of next summer. Then I will probably bump up to the WP A/T3W LT 285/65-20s.
I had 22' Bridgestone's on my 18' LTZ and they were terrible. They started falling apart one by one ,cracking sidewalls. When I tried to warranty them ,Bridgestone was denying its was there problem. Spent 3 hrs on the phone one day.... I won't buy their junk intentionally.
I picked up a set of new take off 20" Bridgestones from a 2021 GMC AT4. The guy was mad it didn't come with MT tires so he swapped them out. I put them on another set of rims for an Avalanche I was selling but the tire shop ruined the set of tires I had on aftermarket rims so I put the Bridgestones on them. I was looking at refreshed trucks when they first hit the lots and a guy was there looking at trucks as well and referred to the Bridgestones on my truck as "car tires" even though they are labeled AT's. They've been OK, but I've really only driven on pavement with them. I swap them out for the OEM Goodyear Territory MT's that came on the truck.
The Trail Bosses I've seen with AT's have had the Goodyear TrailRunners on them.

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