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Off road lighting

Rough Country 10" lights super bright looks like it came stock

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I'm thinking of some Rocker lights. Not lame "neon look" but something that comes on with the doors but I also toggled inside the cab. 🤔
Baja Designs 40" lightbar from GM Accessories on top of the GM Accessories sportbar, using GM upfitter 9L7 auxiliary switch #1 for power. A-pillar lights are also Baja Designs from GM Accessories. They're on switch #2. Switch #3 is the Rough Country dual 10" lights in the grille. The lights in the grille have been replaced with Baja Designs 10" S8 lights.

Contrary to what GM wants you to believe, you don't need the special wire harness from GM Accessories if you use the GM upfitter auxiliary switch setup. The wire harness GM wants you to buy uses a key fob as the switch. The upfitter auxiliary switches give you buttons on the dash.

As I posted in another thread I will be adding rock lights to switch #4. I'm also going to splice into switch #5 for chase lights.


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