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ordering 2022 refresh


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Nov 13, 2021
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North East PA
Hi all, first time poster here. Based off of what I've seen on a few you tube videos and read bits and pieces of online, the 2022 refreshed Silverado could be ordered from December 16th on. I've been patiently monitoring news and updates for awhile and ready to pull the trigger on a new Trail Boss LT. So far I've gone to 2 Chevy dealers in my area and tried to place an order and both seemed to have very little clear information on when I can order besides production on refreshed trucks starts in spring of 2022 (which I already knew). Both also said they had no allocations to order Trail Bosses available, and had no idea when they could order for me. They vague unclear messaging was to probably check back in more towards spring and plan to wait until May or June if they can order 1.
Has anyone been able to place an order for a 2022 refresh in your area?