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Oxford Brown Metallic


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Mar 15, 2021
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Anyone have this color?

Can’t find any real pictures of this color; in the canned photos, it almost looks OD green.
Thinking of changing my order to this color from Cherry Red Tintcoat, and applying the $500 savings to 20” wheels.
I have not seen that color in person. Dealers around here seem to mostly have Red, white, and black. I only wanted Satin Steel or Northsky Blue with very specific options and absolutely no sunroof. I had to go get my NorthSky Blue 100 miles away but it was exactly what I wanted so it was worth it.
My friend has Red and it looks 👍
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Blue would be my 3rd choice, great color.
I’m afraid the brown may hold production up on my truck since it is so rare.
I’ll probably just stick with the red, I have a soft spot for red, since my first truck was a red GMC Sierra short bed regular cab.
Ill drop a picture in this thread when i pick up my 2021 Trail Boss. Brown Metallic in the realtree edition. Just picked it up last week, Oxford Brown is really a nice looking color.


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Looks 👍
My buddy has a new Ox Brown 2500 but I’ve never seen an OB TrailBoss in San Diego.

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