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Performance mods I've found so far for the 5.3/6.2 that should play safe with factory warranty.


Feb 6, 2022
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I'm wanting to stay within the factory/extended warranty whilst getting every last bit of performance out of my 6.2L.

What I've found so far, starting front > rear;

1) Cold Air Scoop by Stillen. Keep in mind, if you have the AERO Shutters, you'll need to do some modifications for this so avoid contact between the two.
(better fuel economy, more performance* - no data to back this)

2) Cold Air Intake (there are many). IMO the K&N 57-3108 is good enough, but to each their own.
(better fuel economy, and more performance*)

3) Ported throttle body. There's a few options here, but one that claims to play well with warranty.
(more performance*)
Soler Ported Throttle Body.JPG

4) Underdrive Balancer Pulley. ATI got back to me on this, they should have the part for doing this soon enough.
~917306 part number for the damper (WIP)
~916359 for the 10% underdrive
(better fuel economy, more performance*)
ATI Underdrive Pulley for 6.2.JPG

There's also another one that's a 25% underdrive one piece by UPD. Not sure how well the balance is on it compared to stock or the ATI.
UDP Pulley.JPG

5) Headers, for warranty purposes, I'd stick to shorties, which are still an improvement over the cast manifolds. Warranty safe, so long as you keep the factory y-pipe and cats. There's a couple options here, but from what I'm seeing, the Silverado 2014+ will work to current 2022 rollover model.
(more performance*)

6) Cat back exhaust system, or even factory muffler delete, ditching the exhaust flaps.
(better fuel economy, more performance*)

This is what I've found so far, all pretty simple stuff really. The Throttle Body being the biggest hurdle, in that some PCM Air/Fuel relearn/remapping has to take place. It's gotta refill fields after the change, in that the MAF is seeing a change to more air at past learned tables for throttle position and is relearning to comp for this by adjusting the air/fuel.

Currently seeing what needs done for tuning looks like a nightmare. I'll wait for more companies to start diving into these PCM's, as well my extended warranty to expire, before I start messing with the PCM.

If you've got any other warranty safe items I missed, then please post below.

* by more performance, I mean within the limitations of the stock tune, on 93 Octane with less restricting parts over the factory setup.
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