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Piedmont Tire Chains for 265/70R20


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Feb 24, 2021
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Boulder, CO
For anyone considering Tire Chains, it may be difficult to find chains for the OEM tires such as Goodyear Wrangler Territory 265/70R20 tires. These are what my 2021 TB came with. I like them. I have read about and seen videos of their use, like in rock climbing, and many have also found that these are a really good tire.

But a 20 inch rim is not great for "Airing Down" and I don't have Bead Locks anyway. I have also seen where chains are often superior to other traction methods, especially on ice. These are the ones that I bought, I have them now and I can report that they fit VERY WELL. I like them, they are from Piedmont, and are very affordable. I compared 32 inch diameter tires, and the indication was that 265/70R17 are actually a very similar size tire. This proved to be correct. This same source for chains also offers the V-bar "Cleat" type chains for only $117, but they are out of stock. And, I may drive on paved mountain roads so the V-bars are not great for that.

Note that, as usual, this price is for a Pair of chains for 265/70R17 tires. And again, these fit 265/70R20 just fine.

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