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Problem after CAI installed


Aug 27, 2021
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I installed a CAI on my 21 Trail Boss Custom 5.3 without AFM and it ran fine. I actually didn't even notice anything different like noise or feeling from the engine like I did on previous GM 5.3 engines as this intake was from my wife's Yukon. I just wanted to try it and see if I could notice any difference. The CAI is like the one from Rough Country or K&N.

The problem I am having now is that after a day of having it I pulled out of work which is 50 MPH road and on a decent incline and the check engine light came on. It started feeling weird when the transmission would shift either jerky or lagging. I did a little looking online and maybe thought it was because I forgot to disconnect the negative batter terminal when I installed the CAI. I unplugged it for an hour and started it back up and the CEL was gone and it drove just fine like the CAI was not even there. Fast forward 2 days and the same situation happened again I pulled out of work and the CEL came back on and shifting is odd.

** In case anyone asks the CAI is from a 2016 Yukon 5.3. I have the PCV plugged in as it is on the stock intake and the second port on this CAI is plugged as our 5.3's only have 1 port off of the intakes at least going to the stock intake. This is a simple aluminum sweeping pipe and a cone filter.

Any ideas? Anyone have any other issues with the CAI's?
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